The United States Government has endeavored to discredit the Christian community at all cost by the use of propaganda and allowing Christians to go on a rampage for God (other special interest groups, like queers, blacks, and illegals to create the destabilization and the demoralization processes) to give an appearance of anarchy. Listen to the speech that I believe is being passed off as President Kennedyís speaking about a secret society. Then listen to the other two speeches he gave and see if you come to the same conclusion. It doesnít sound like him.

Kennedy addresses the nation on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Kennedy - I am a Berliner - Ich Bin Ein Berliner

This is some of what the Government wants the Christians to fall for.

American Radio Preacher Predicts Doomsday

I believe that this next video is a ploy to eradicate Christianity. If you watch this video carefully and look at their countenance you can tell by their intonation and duplicity that itís a ploy; however, I've seen many Christians act this way. If you have any doubts just go to Los Lunas, New Mexico and see for your-self. Itís like living in an insane asylum. This was good acting. Crazy Christian Lady

New World Order (conspiracy theory)

The New World Order in Bible Prophecy

CNN: Is Obama the Antichrist?

The New World Order Propaganda

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