Dear Governor Martinez I知 in a most precarious situation. I知 being harassed by the state of New Mexico here are just a few things that they are doing. I知 beset with gunfire in the morning almost diurnally. My property is being destroyed such as my bike and website at the Los Lunas public Library and Smiths Grocery. I知 being stalked by Christians with a retaliatory vivacious need to implement Gods law. I知 Taunted at Walmart and Smiths Grocery. Twice at Albertsons I purchased ice cream that made me vomit and I got very sick to my stomach. Some threw a half of a can of beer at my and struck me in the arm while I was riding my bike to Walmart. I got struck by a car coming home from Walmart even after I yelled at the man not to hit me. I knew he was not going to stop. I yelled at him three times. My food was thrown in the mud. I知 treated with great disrespect at all three of these stores. I could go on forever these people are very mentally sick. What happened to the Constitution and human rights in this country? Can you please help? Joseph Martin
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