Iím Being Tortured for God

It has become very arduous for me to sublimate my primordial proclivity and remain punctilious while being inundated with adversity diurnally. They are working diligently to elicit an effusion. Here is an example:

I ride a bicycle about eight miles to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping. (I ride a bicycle because the Albuquerque Police Department took my motor home and all my belongings and they said that they lost them. I never had received any compensation for my losses.)

While inside shopping soldiers for God outside stab holes in my tires, kick my metal basket in, and break my spokes. I reported this to the Village of Los Lunas Police Department on myriad of occasions and nothing has been done about it. The nightmare continues. Iíve even been shot at and the bullet just went past my head. Iíve been deliberately struck by a car even while I was yelling for the driver to stop. (There is a police report at the Los Lunas Police Department.)

I went to the Department of Social Services in Albuquerque and complained and the said that they canít use food to torture anyone. So they couldnít cut off my food stamps so now they are trying to stop me from obtaining any food by breaking my bike and harassment when I go to Wal-Mart, Smiths and Albertsons.

Andrew, who works for the Village of Los Lunas Open Space Rangers, is clearly a big part of the human rights crimes committed against me. As a result of having to ameliorate this contorted aberration Iíve incurred panic attacks and Iím beginning to experience uncontrollable anger as a result of this abuse.

Iím going to be sending more information if possible because I believe that if they do not kill me, if this continues, I will ultimately kill some of them (It appears to be inevitable) because Iíve reached my saturation point. Iíve suffered with this adversity for almost thirty years and I live like an animal in the Bosque in a tent. I canít take much more and when things go bad Iíd like to have someone know why and the truth. Can you please help?

Here is just a little bit more that had happened to me: http://martin-105.tripod.com/index.church_and_state.htm

                            Joseph Martin

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